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Conference Proceedings

ECSWE Conference – Dnepropetrovsk University, Ukraine

Date of Conference: 4th May 2012

"The Development of Waldorf Pedagogies in the World and its influence on Pedagogical Art - A Conference held at the Dnepropetrovsk University in the Ukraine 4 May 2012"
Conference delegates were warmly welcomed in true Ukrainian fashion here in the heart of the European steppe. In a land of deep black soil, endless skies and the slow, broad presence of a mighty river we were made to feel at home by a flute recital, by local heads of government, by representatives of the university and by Tatiana Nechytaylo, for many years the representative of the Ukraine within ECSWE.

ECSWE / La Salle University / UNESCO Chair of Education Conference – La Salle, Madrid

Date of Conference: 20th January 2012

"Schools as Learning Communities - A Conference in collaboration with the UNESCO Chair of Education at the Centro Universitario, La Salle in Madrid"
It is always heartening to attend a conference that is a sell-out, where seats are at a premium and where disappointed late-comers have to stand in the aisles. This was the case in a warm, cloudless January in Madrid, where the La Salle university together with the Steiner Waldorf school movement of Spain and ECSWE were hosting the conference 'Community for Learning'.

International European Waldorf Diploma Conference &ndash Emerson College, UK

Date of Conference: 6th - 8th October 2011

"First international European Waldorf Diploma conference at Emerson College"
The European Waldorf Diploma (EWD) aims to be an accredited and internationally recognised qualification for Steiner Waldorf schools in Europe. The project has been in progress for approximately three years and will enter a pilot phase for some selected subjects from January 2012.

N.B. The PDF Download also includes "Saying it With Song and Dance - An International Music and Movement Week at the Ringwood Waldorf School" & "Australian Steiner Curriculum Framework Recognised"

ECSWE Conference – Vienna

Date of Conference: September 2011

"Science, Maths and Creativity – Reflections from Vienna"
Science and Maths, best practices in creative teaching - phenomenological and symptomological methodology for better results'. University of Vienna, September 2011. In the impressive surroundings of Vienna University conference delegate were invited to consider the place of creativity in the teaching of mathematics and science.

ECSWE Conference – Paris

Date of Conference: Friday 6th May 2011

"EDUCATION AND HEALTH - Can educational practices foster physical, psychological and social health?"
During this Conference we explored the pedagogical evolution necessary to respond to the change in the physical and mental well-being of children. Parents and teachers are increasingly becoming confronted with the symptoms of stress in children and the recent OECD report ‘Improving Health and Social Cohesion through Education’ underlines the necessity to address important issues such as health and engaging with social and civil society.
(The conference was organised by ECSWE with the support of the Jean Monnet Programme of the European Union and in collaboration with the Fádáration des ácoles Steiner Waldorf en France.)

N.B. The PDF Download also includes "WOW-Day - Shaping the world we would like to live in."

ECSWE Conference – Järna

Date of Conference: 14th January 2011

"Freedom and Active Citizenship - ECSWE Conference in Järna, Sweden 14 January 2011"
Is freedom a liability for the modern world? If we sacrificed our claim to freedom and left the running of things to 'those in the know', wouldn't life be so much simpler?

N.B. The PDF Download also includes "Improving the Quality of Childhood in Europe 2011 - Volume 2", "WOW Day" & "ELIANT"

3rd International Alliance for Childhood Conference – Budapest

Date of Conference: 13th - 16th October 2010

"Report from the 3rd international Alliance for Childhood conference 'Childhood in Balance' held in Budapest, Hungary 13-16 October 2010"
Following a speech by the Mayor Zoltán the Conference was opened by Christopher Clouder who spoke of the value of the diversity of the cultures assembled and the strength it gives to our individual and universal efforts.

ECSWE Conference – Dietzenbach

Date of Conference: 9th - 10th September 2010

Many Steiner Waldorf schools have actively worked on the question of how to build bridges to different social groups and make the impulse of SW pedagogy fruitful in the wider society. The School Circus is an excellent example of how to overcome social barriers and discrimination.

ECSWE International Conference – Conegliano

Date of Conference: 7th May 2010

"Che cosa nutre i nostri bambini? What nourishes children?"
In the European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion, the theme of nourishment is addressed by the European Council for Steiner Waldorf Education in an international conference in Conegliano, Italy. The aim is to bring attention to bear on the importance of nourishment in early childhood, not only physical, but also mental and emotional nourishment and their implications for the future well being of the individual and of society.

ECSWE One-day Conference – Warsaw

Date of Conference: 18th September 2009

"Healing the Past: moving into the future through a holistic education"
Maria Swierczek of Warsaw Waldorf School welcomed the 70 participants to the conference. A letter of support was read out from the Minister of Education. The month of September is a month that abounds with historic and bleak events from the human story. In this sense, the different speakers shared not only the platform but also a concern that we listen with care to the past and the different truths that echo into the present and that we remember to reflect on the memories that are carried into our cultures and our times.

European Conference in Timisoara, Romania

Date of Conference: 8th May 2009

"European Conference in Timisoara, Romania – Social and Emotional Education: the arts as a foundation for a healthy personal development in childhood."
On the eve of Europe Day – 8th May – over 200 people from more than 20 countries participated in a wideranging, one-day conference on Social and Emotional Education, focusing on the arts as a foundation for healthy personal development in childhood.

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