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Research Papers - Assessment and Evaluation within Steiner education

Below you will find a number of articles and research documents relating to 'Assessment and Evaluation within Steiner education'.

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Download Article1GallinVinculum.pdf (3349kb) November 2011 Furthering Knowledge and Linguistic Competence: Learning with Kernel Ideas & Journals
Prof. Dr. Peter Gallin
URS RUF - University of Zurish (Switzerland), published in Vinculum, Volume 35, No2, June 1988
Kernel ideas, linguistic competence
Download Article2GallinQuadraticEquation.pdf (3920kb) November 2011 The quadratic equation this is a topic to be taught in an inquiry-based way after all
Prof. Dr. Peter Gallin
Inquiry-based learning, quadratic equation
Download Article3GallinDialogicLearning.pdf (797kb) October 2011 Dialogic Learning - From an educational concept to daily classroom teaching
Prof. Dr. Peter Gallin
Translated from: "Dialogisches Lernen. Von einem pädagogischen Konzept zum täglichen Unterricht", Grundschulunterricht Mathematik, 02-2010 (Mai), Oldenbourg Schulbuchverlag
Dialogic learning, self-controlled learning, sustainable learning
Download OECDPre-Primary-Education-201102.pdf (875kb) April 2011 Does participation in pre-primary education translate into better learning outcomes at school?
PISA IN FOCUS 2011/1 (February)
Pre-primary education, performance
Download Bridging-the-Gap-in-School-Achievements-201104.pdf (1,361kb) April 2011 BRIDGING THE GAP IN SCHOOL ACHIEVEMENT THROUGH THE ARTS - summary report
Dr Tanya Vaughan, Dr Jessica Harris & Professor Brian J Caldwell. Published by The Song Room, 2011.
Arts education, social wellbeing, emotional wellbeing, curriculum
Download Assessment_without_High_Stakes.pdf (116kb) Autumn 2008 Assessment without High-Stakes Testing, Protecting Childhood and the Purpose of School
by David Mitchell, Douglas Gerwin, Ernst Schuberth, Michael Mancini and Hansjoerg Hofrichter
High-stakes testing - a critique, new approaches to assessment and evaluation
Download Alternative_specific_attainment_targetsMVR.pdf (177kb) January 2007 Alternative attainment targets for the Steiner Schools in Flanders
This paper covers how the Steiner Upper Schools in Flanders developed unique attainment targets for lower, middle and upper schools, which differ from those of the state.
Federation of Rudolf Steiners Schools in Flanders, by Margareta van Raemdonck
Evaluation and attainment

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